1. FRP / GRP Material: Since the 1970s, the auto industry has made a series of efforts to solve the problem of fuel and the pollution resulting from it. Electric cars emerge at the current auto industry level. The future development of electric cars and FRP are inextricably linked. At present, the application of FRP in automobile industry mainly includes several aspects. For example, fiberglass body parts like fiberglass bumpers, fiberglass headliner, fiberglass kit, DIY fiberglass hoods, fiberglass truck body.
  2. Advantages of FRP/GRP Material:

    • FRP material is light and currently the most suitable alternative to metals.
    • FRP has sufficient rigidity and good impact resistance.
    • Fiberglass mechanical properties are close to or beyond the cold-rolled steel, and the density of FRP material is only 20% of steel.
    • GRP material has good plasticity, and is easy to shape.
    • In addition to the strength advantages of FRP, it offers shock absorption, thermal insulation, sound insulation and an exceptionally high UV resistance.
  3. Injection Moulding Products: PFP is an industry leader in the manufacture of critical thermoplastic injection moulded components for the automotive industry. The infrastructure is designed to suit the requirements as per customers’ demand looking for reliable source of moulded components at reasonable prices. Our jigs and masking components are used extensively in auto paint shops.
  4. PU Foam Products: One of our core competencies, we offer a complete range of exceptionally high-quality seats for LMV and ordinary bus as well as luxury buses. We also offer NVH PU foam for auto industry.

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