Hand Layup

Hand Layup

Our experience in hand layup dates back since the time of our inception. This helps us in manufacturing complex shaped products in a cost effective and time bound manner with strictest quality control. We use this process in manufacturing electrical panel components, wind turbine components, boat parts, doors, parts for trains, on-site repair etc.

Hand layup, is the method used longest in the polymer-matrix composites industry to make thermoset composite products, and it is still the selected production process for a wide range of composite products. It is a basic process that provides many of the advantages of composites processing, using relatively basic materials technology and processing methods.

The moulding method involves placing reinforcements and liquid resin onto the surface of an open mould (which may or may not be precoated with gel coat), or onto other substrates. Open moulding is a process typically used for little to medium quantity per year (fewer than 1000 per year), offering several process and product advantages. Producing large, complicated shapes as well as smaller and simpler composite products is possible. Well-trained operators and dedicated facilities are required to produce components and products having high quality.

Advantages of Hand layup

  • Freedom of design
  • Easy to change design
  • Tailored properties are possible
  • High-strength large of parts can be achieved
  • Large-sized parts can be manufactured

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