We use metal for embedding strips or plates in fiber composites, mounting brackets or fixtures, fasteners, transport fixtures, wiring etc. Below are the metals which we use.


Embedded steel parts and mounting brackets are in various grades of mild steel, carbon steel and stainless steel with or without coating. For many applications the coating process used is hot dip galvanizing, powder coating and electroplating. For fasteners we use coating as per our customer’s requirements. Transport fixtures are fabricated in mild steel. Steel has high density and strength as per various grades. Based on the application, steel can be available in plate, pipe or casted part.


Accessories, brackets and embedded plates are used in various grades of Aluminium. Aluminium has lower density compared to steel and is used in applications where weight of product is of prime importance. Aluminium is more malleable compared to steel. Aluminium can be powder coated or anodized. Based on the application, aluminium can be available in plate, pipe or casted part.


Brass is non ferro magnetic with high melting point. Brass inserts are used in composites for fastening purpose.


Copper demonstrates excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and is hence used for electrical wiring purposes. Sometimes copper wires are also embedded in composite laminate.

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