Onsite repair of composite parts

Onsite repair of composite parts

We provide onsite repair services of FRP composite parts. We majorly repair wind turbine composite parts namely, blades and nacelle cover.

We have two blade access platforms which are used to repair wind turbine blades without actually having to disassemble and brought down from the turbine. Our platforms reach directly to the blades and our team of certified supervisors and technicians carryout the repair in the most professional way. The team has the ability to understand the criticality of damage and perform repair works. Our team has successfully performed the repair works which majorly includes - Removal and installation of damaged Discharge ring, Leading edge and trailing edge repair, Cross bolt repair from inside blade root, Handling damages, Tip side repair, Repair of Surface defects.

We also repair wind turbine blades which have been disassembled from the turbine.

We also repair FRP composites from other sectors as well.

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