Our extensive experience with press moulding enables us to produce innovative and cost-effective parts. Our pultrusion machine is used for manufacturing of long length uniform cross-sectional parts for electrical and defense sectors. We manufacture various types of circular, square, uneven shaped, hollow profiles in polyester and epoxy resins.

The pultrusion process is used to produce composites of uniform cross-section with exceptional longitudinal strength and rigidity. The process involves drawing reinforcements, impregnated with activated resin through a forming guide, which pre-shapes the material. Using continuous rovings, which are usually the predominant reinforcement present, the material is pulled through a heated die, which activates the catalyst, thus curing the resin. The cured profile then passes a flying saw attachment and is automatically cut to the required length

Advantages of Pultrusion

  • High tensile and flexural strength
  • Fast curing process
  • Greater uniformity of product of same type
  • Less raw material wastage
  • High quality of product since extremely low chances of defects

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