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Services to all composite needs for Wind Turbine Generator Machines.
PFP provides complete range of composite repair services to Wind Turbine Generator manufacturing companies. As every repair is unique and requires expertise to repair it, PFP provides solution to these repair activities.

The wind Turbine Generator Machines mainly uses composites for many components like rotor blades, nacelle enclosure and spinner casing. These components are exposed to atmospheric conditions at different seasons which results into damages and misalignment of components. These damages results into lower efficiency of machines. Hence it is required to repair these damages and wear and tear on time.

PFP gained its expertise in repair of composite components by providing services and skills.
Services provided by PFP to Wind turbine Generator
Manufacturing Companies:
Skilled work force for repair of deep structural repairs.
Composite repair by using resin infusion process.
Expertise in cosmetic repair and surface finish.
Fixtures for Rotor Blade transportation.
Refurbishment of Rotor blades:
Inspection of Rotor blade by using non distractive testing.
Repair of micro cracks and paint application.
Tip replacement
Repair and installation of lightning protection system.
Leading and trailing edge repair of rotor blade.
Onsite GRP repair of Wind turbine generator machines:
GRP repair of Nacelle Enclosure and Spinner Casing.
Alignment of Nacelle enclosure and spinner casing.
Rotor Blade shifting from remote sites at Maharashtra region in India.
Manufacturing Nacelle Enclosure and Spinner casing:
In-house development facility for pattern and mould of Nacelle
enclosure and spinner casing.
Dedicated team for manufacturing nacelle enclosure and spinner casing.
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