Our Strategy


We have been constantly growing since our inception and shall continue to do so. All our stake holders play vital role in achieving our targets. We have set very bold plans for the future and where we see our organization heading. For this we have done thorough analysis of ourselves and defined the mission and vision along with identifying our core values.

Our Mission

We are manufacturer of small to large sized customized FRP Composite parts, PU Foam and Plastic parts for customers in various sectors such as Renewable Energy, Electrical, Defence, Automotive, Railway by having expertise in variety of processes, inhouse design and development capability, ensuring on time delivery, providing quality products and prompt service to the customers.

Our Vision

We shall become a global brand with a worldwide loyal customer base in the thermosetting composites solutions space, by employing world class technologies and sustainable processes which will reduce carbon footprint.

We shall grow rapidly whilst ensuring better quality of life for our employees and other stakeholders.

Our Values

Continuous Learning Growth Customer Focus
  • Build personal mastery
  • Work collectively to achieve common objectives by sharing knowledge and thinking together.
  • Empowering employees to generate new ideas and perspectives.
  • Strive for world class systems, technology and processes.
  • Be mindful of all stakeholders’ engagement.
  • Strive for business growth
  • Add significant value in customers’ new development projects.
  • Be an effective one stop solution provider to key customer issues.
  • Be a reliable partner

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