Vacuum Infusion

Vacuum Infusion Process

We use vacuum infusion process to manufacture small to large sized parts. We have gained expertise in this process through the culmination of our years of work and dedication in manufacturing thousands of large sized parts for wind turbine and defence sectors in a cost effective manner with very high quality control and customer satisfaction.

Vacuum infusion is a resin injection technique and is derived from resin transfer molding (RTM). A resin injection technique generally consists of the following production steps:
  • Dry reinforcement is placed in a mould.
  • The mould is opened and the product is demoulded.
  • The resin cures.
  • Resin flows through the mould and impregnates the reinforcement.
  • The mould is sealed and particular level of vacuum is achieved.

In the case of vacuum infusion, the pressure gradient is created by vacuum on the outlet port. The resin injection tank and inlet port are at ambient pressure. The use of vacuum as the driver behind resin flow has a large impact on the application of the technique and the actual process in the workshop.

Advantages of Vacuum infusion

  • High strength and high-performance parts can be manufactured
  • mproved laminate quality since there is better impregnation and higher fibre content
  • Improved consistency of the product properties
  • Less material use compared to other processes

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